Absoulute Vibe


Wear Your Crown With Honor...

Wearing The Crown Means You Share Our Values & Treat Yourself & Others How You Want To Be Treated.


BE UNIQUE... No One Can Do You Like You & The World Needs Your Unique Shine. Embrace What Makes You Different and Special. Allow Yourself The Freedom To Fully Be Yourself.

BE EQUAL...Treat Yourself And Others How You Want To be Treated. Everyone is Equal in Our Eyes. The Sooner We Can All Treat Each Other With The Respect And Compassion We All Deserve, The Sooner We Can Unite And Create A Peaceful World.

BE ROYAL... You Are Royalty! Your Body Is Sacred. Your Mind is A Treasure. Your Soul Is One Of A Kind. You are Irreplaceable. Love Yourself For The Divine Being You Are.

Are You A Quing Or A Kweeng?...

We Recognize That Every Human Being Has A Yin/Feminine/Queen/Right Brain and Yang/Masculine/King/Left Brain Duality Within Them. We Created The Mashup of The Words "Queen" And "King" To Support The Right To Express All Your Dualities And Aspects. And Though You May Identify With A Specific Pronoun, Race, Class, Age... Underneath Those Labels, We Are All Human and Sharing The Same Planet, So Let's Unite. 

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